Hey Y’all

We are Joel & Rosemary Boswell, the team behind My Rosie Outlook. In the Spring of 2020,  Rosemary began thinking about how she looked at her planner several times a day and wished it contained encouragement and inspiration. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she decided to create her own. 

With Joel cheering her on, Rosemary began researching how to create a planner. She purchased a computer program and watched videos to learn how to use it. She started sharing her planner idea with friends and was excited with their interest. Rosemary created the planner, wrote the devotionals, and found a local printer to bring her vision to life. Joel helped with the business finances, editing, and..well..anything Rosemary needed. 

Rosemary made posts on social media and began filling orders. She wrapped and boxed each planner. By the spring of 2021, My Rosie Outlook’s first planner had sold out. Of the 200 planners we had printed, 167 were sold, 29 were given away, and 4 were eaten by goats. 

While it was a small first step, we were thrilled with the results of our first planner and were ready to expand our business. Rosemary had a list of ideas of products she wanted to create and author. In the fall of 2021, we purchased the equipment needed to print and make our own products.

Shortly before all of the equipment arrived, Rosemary was diagnosed with breast cancer and their dreams of expanding My Rosie Outlook were put on hold while Rosemary completed surgery and radiation. Rosemary used her recuperation time to work on some of her product ideas and she was finally able to launch new items in the summer of 2022. Rosemary has beaten cancer and we are excited about her future plans for My Rosie Outlook.

CEO / Owner / Author / Creator

Rosemary (Rosie) has been a military wife, homeschooling mom, elementary teacher, pregnancy center coordinator, and has assisted adoptive families at an adoption agency. At My Rosie Outlook, she creates and authors devotional planners and journals and books.

Rosemary has been married to Joel for over 34 years. Together they love and cheer on their two sons Jacob and Luke, and daughter-in-love, Bekah.

CFO / Editor / Delivery Driver / Equipment Manager / IT Director / Wife Support

After a 24 year career in the military, Joel taught high school physics before becoming the main Wife Support at My Rosie Outlook (while working a full-time business development position).

He and Rosemary have been a team since they began dating in high school. They love spending time with their adult children and getting away to the beach.