Hey Y’all

ROSEMARY / CEO / Owner / Author

I am a Believer, Wifey, Momma, Teacher, Planner, and Storyteller.

I have believed in Jesus Christ as my Savior since I was very very small. I have been married to Joel my entire adult life. I adore him. Together, we love and cheer on our two sons and our daughter-in-love.

After years of staying at home with our sons and homeschooling them off and on, I taught in several Christian schools, ran a pregnancy center, and worked in an adoption agency. I love children and it is my passion to do what I can to help them get a good start in life.

There’s so much more to our story…and I love to tell a good story…so join me as I share My Rosie Outlook.

~Rosemary (Rosie)

JOEL / CFO / Editor-in-Chief / Wife Support

After a 24 year career in the military, Joel taught high school physics before becoming the main Wife Support at My Rosie Outlook (while working a full-time business development position).

He and Rosemary have been a team since they began dating in high school. With his own stormy outlook, they bring balance to each other.