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Are We All Just Done With 2020?

How many of us declared in January, this was going to be the best year yet? There were memes floating around social media about how the 2020 holidays fell on all the best days and it was going to be a fabulous year of celebrating.

And now here we are. This year has not played out like any of us expected. It has brought us a crazy amount of adversity – at a level we would have never even suspected. At this point, I think we are all a little tired of the masks…tired of the tension…tired of things not being normal.

However, we have four months left in this year so let’s not give up on 2020. While we cannot control the difficult events of this year, everything is not completely out of our control. We do get to control how we respond.

Often in life, our struggles worsen when we dwell on the negative. When we are able to recognize the good in our days, we are more likely to feel the peace that comes in knowing God is in control.

And He is in definitely in control. He has been all along.

Only God knows the great things He has planned for our lives. One of our greatest blessings might come this September, October, November, or December.

We have four months left in 2020! I can’t wait to see what God will do!

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