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What is He Really Watering

I looked out the window yesterday and saw him watering my flowers. Flowers that he readily admits he does not care for, especially because they need to be watered every day in the hot Texas sun.

But there he was…watering my flowers…because he knows they bring me joy. When I saw it…my heart fluttered.

Yes, it meant a lot to me that he noticed my flowers needed watering. I really appreciated him stepping in to do that chore for me, but that is not why my heart fluttered.

I stopped what I was doing and took a picture of that moment because what he was really watering was our marriage.

Watering a marriage might actually include watering the flowers, but there are many others ways to water a marriage. It is really about looking for meaningful ways to show love, care, and kindness.

Watering the flowers is a fairly small act in a day filled with many activities. Watering a marriage is also filled with many small acts.

Of course a big effort can be exciting, fun, and appreciated. Those are important in building memories and bonding a couple, but those small moments throughout every day are what truly waters the marriage.

We know what happens when we water flowers…they grow, they bloom, they blossom. So it is with marriage. When we water our marriage, we grow our marriage and it blossoms into something truly beautiful.

Watching him water the flowers, made me realize I need to take in these little moments and not let them go unnoticed because recognizing his efforts is important in watering the marriage as well.

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