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Just As It Was 16 Years Ago

You may have noticed there wasn’t a blog post from me last Monday. I actually wrote seven different drafts of which 0 turned out to be something I was pleased with enough to post. That lead to a discussion with my editor, JB, that I can only describe as “creative differences”.

Bless his heart…I’m thankful he hangs in there with me.

At some point we did agree that it was late…and a post just wasn’t happening…and we needed to “work on it tomorrow”.

Well…Tuesday was a crazy busy day from sun up until sun down with no time to write…and then the rest of the week flew by in a blur…which brought me to a point where I finally acknowledged it wasn’t happening.

Maybe someday I will go back and rework one or more of those posts, but today, this is on my mind:

America, you are beautiful and I am so sorry you are hurting.

As you and I know, America is struggling with her fair share of issues right now.

All at the same time, we have wildfires, floods, and hurricanes harming our loved ones. We have no control over the damage being done, but we can certainly be there to help those who are in great need.

Many of our country’s citizens have firmly taken a side in the political warrings that plague our nation. Of course, we cannot control what others believe or support. Shouting someone down, “educating” them with online articles and memes, or lecturing them on how they are wrong probably isn’t going to change anyone’s mind.

I truly believe living your convictions in a kind, passionate way has a much greater impact on those on the “other side” than anything you scream at them.

Today is the 16th Anniversary of the most horrific terrorist attack on American soil. For those of us old enough to have experienced that day in real time, the horror of it will never leave us.

America changed drastically that day and things have never been the same since. It was a time of tremendous loss, but we united in such a beautiful American way. We bravely rose from the ashes and stood strong together.

Old Glory was proudly flown on homes and buildings across this great nation. Our congressional leaders sang God Bless America on the steps of the capital. The churches were full and the name of God was called upon freely. We cheered each other on and celebrated our survival. We were all on the same team: USA!

Sixteen years later, the memories of shock, confusion, fear, heartache, and pride all stay with me. I distinctly remember how that day unfolded. The details are clear and the feelings are still very strong.

I was heartbroken and yet incredibly proud of my country in September 2001.

Funny…but sixteen years later I feel very much the same about the current issues our nation faces. From the natural disasters to the man-made ones, I still feel so sad for the damage done, but also pleased with the good we are seeing in so many people across this great land of ours.

I know there are people who don’t feel this way right now. They see the bad stuff that is happening and they are discouraged. It is very easy to get depressed if you focus on the destruction and negative choices.

But I want to encourage you to turn your focus to the good. There are people really stepping up to help others. Some are truly listening and trying to do something to make a positive difference in our country.

Despite the ashes that are falling down, the waters that are rising up, the storms blowing in, and the turbulence of differing opinions, every day citizens of this country continue to quietly reach out and help others in need. You may never know their story or even see the fruit of their labor, but they are still making a difference in our nation just the same.

There really is an incredible amount of good in our country. The next time you get discouraged by the negative news of the day, I encourage you to purposely look for the good happening around you. If you look for it, you will see it.

There is still heartache in this world, but God is still great, and Americans are still good. Just as it was sixteen years ago today.





2 thoughts on “Just As It Was 16 Years Ago

  1. Beautifully written!!! I wish everyone could look at our great country and see the positives! Thank you!

  2. Great post!! Very well spoken!! There IS so much good being done by countless volunteers, so many prayers being prayed, we can only pray that this will make a lasting positive change in our nation!!

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