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How American Heroes are Born

Hurricane Harvey arrived in south Texas a few days ago and has caused tremendous loss and heartache in America. As we sit here safe and dry at Wild Blue Yonder, our prayers and concern are with our fellow Texans just down the road.

The pictures and stories coming out of the affected areas are full of great sorrow and amazing fortitude. We hear of neighbors helping neighbors, Texans taking care of Texans, and Americans caring about Americans during this incredibly difficult time.

Tonight I want to share a few hero stories with you.

We have dear friends living and helping in the Houston area. They are in the medical field and have been called to their hospitals to help.  Dr. R’s car stalled in rising water while trying to get to the ER that needed her. Several strangers came to her aid and pushed her car out of the waist deep water. Then, her hospital sent a big truck to get her. All of this happened while her husband is working at another hospital. He went in Friday and she doesn’t expect his return home until Tuesday.

This morning I saw a post online by a local woman who announced her husband had a boat and was heading south to see who he could help. She asked if anyone wanted to go with him and a man quickly responded that he would go. These two men didn’t know each other, but one had a boat, and they were both willing and able to go, so plans were made.

A couple of my friends have family members that were rescued by boat after getting trapped in their homes. I am guessing there are a good number of people, just like those two local guys, who are showing up with boats and helping people even though we may never know their names or hear the details of their incredible rescue stories.

We are located at least five hours away from the flooding, but that didn’t stop a local church from collecting material donations. They have already sent a truck load of items on their way and I hear they are continuing to collect more for another delivery.

Our pastor told us Sunday about a group called the Texas Baptist Men. I have seen pictures online of these men serving hot meals and providing other services for these communities. This is a group that is already there making a difference. If you want to make a cash donation, I believe your money would go directly to those in need. Just click on Texas Baptist Men to donate.

Last night my heart was touched by a guy in Houston that goes by the nickname of Mattress Mack. He invited those who needed shelter to his furniture stores. I have since read that his two locations are at capacity. His words of encouragement to his community were as kind as his offer to open his places of business to those who needed a place to stay.

Of course there are many more beautiful stories that will rise from the flood waters of South Texas in the coming days. As you know, Texas is a huge state. There is still a good portion that has not been flooded by Harvey. That means there are many many places in Texas prepared to welcome the evacuees, including where we are.

We all know the help isn’t just coming from fellow Texans. All across America, people are donating and praying. Americans are caring, loving people. When there are difficulties, we rally around those in need and help in whatever way we can.

When we hear these stories, we are touched. We call these Americans who go out of their way to help strangers our heroes. Of course, the heroes of the story don’t ever think of themselves as heroes. They just see someone in need and figure out a way to help them. To them, it’s just what needs to be done, so they do it.

It’s in times like these…when we hear these heartwarming stories…that we get to see first hand how American Heroes are born.

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